August 28, 2020 Weekly Announcements


8:30am.............Jump Start

Come early for some donuts and coffee!

9:00am.............Sunday School

Get involved in a Sunday School Class!
There is a spot for everyone!

10:00am.............Worship Service

Devote yourself to Singing, Praying and
Studying the Word of God with us as we gather corporately!


Grace Family,

In our country today there is much untruth and division. There is much anxiety and fear. There is much depravity and sin. There is much need for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Over the next few weeks, we are going to study what it looks like to prepare ourselves for battle, run to the front lines and take ground from the enemy. It is time that we, as believers in Jesus Christ, stop allowing culture to dictate norms. It is time that we, as the church, engage the enemy and declare war on anything and everything attacking our God. It is time that we are strong in the Lord.

These next few weeks of studying the Armor of God needs to be a top priority for your life, because of how essential it is for our world even now. You, as a believer in Christ, need to be equipped to battle. You, as a disciple of Jesus, must determine for yourself that you will go to war against sin and every demonic force in our world today. It is time.

With all love and sincerity, Pastor Cole

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