Welcome to Grace Community Baptist Church

We are so glad that you stopped by and hope that your online visit will encourage you to come meet us in person. As a body of believers who are pursuing Christ, our focus is centered on Christ alone because of God's grace alone and that we are saved through faith alone. In addition, we hold to the absolute Truth of Scripture alone and our sole purpose is to glorify God alone.

We are a unique church body who have devoted ourselves to Christ and each other in love. And we pray that this love overflows into the lives of all of those around us. We hope to meet you soon!


We exist to glorify God in love and worship; to love sinners by sharing with them the things of God; to mature believers by teaching and equipping those who God has called into salvation for ministry; to love, encourage, edify and be benevolent to all believers that a Sovereign God places in our fellowship.



The Ambassador Lifestyle

A life controlled by the love of Christ implores others.
Most every Christian has spent time wondering what the purpose and the will of God is for their life. This is a common question that most believers strive to answer. As we look to the Word of God, we can clearly define the mission that God has set forth for each believer. According to the Apostle Paul, we are each to be ambassadors for Christ, passionate in making our King known to the world.

It is time we, as followers of Jesus, take this call seriously. We must emulate Paul’s example, allowing the Holy Spirit to control our lives, which will produce within us a desire to implore the world to trust Christ.

Cole Cleveland is the pastor of Grace Community Baptist Church, the Founder and President of Resolved Ministries, and the Director of the OKC Ambassadors Baseball Organization. He has a passion for preaching the Word of God and discipling others to know their Lord and Savior in a more intimate way.

This verse-by-verse exposition of 2 Corinthians 5:1–21 will give you a newfound passion to live your life as an ambassador for Christ. Through this study, you will be:Challenged in your daily walk with Christ.
  • Reminded to walk in a manner worthy of the Gospel.
  • Taught what it means to fear the Lord and not man.
  • Encouraged to persuade others to follow Jesus.
  • Oriented to the processes of justification and sanctification.
  • Charged with going into the world to speak on behalf of the King.

Believer in Christ, your home is not this temporary earth! Your citizenship is in heaven. But you have been commissioned by the King to be an ambassador in this foreign land. You are placed here for a purpose. You are put on the earth for a reason, which is to live The Ambassador Lifestyle as you implore the world to be reconciled to God.

Psalm 67 | 30-Day Devotional

Let The Peoples Praise You!

You are about to embark on a 30-day journey through Psalm 67 and my prayer is that your life will forever be changed! This Psalm is packed with theology, doctrine and application for the believer. God’s Word will challenge you to press forward and obey the instruction brought forth. Trust the sufficiency of the all-satisfying Scripture that our Lord provides for us to grow in our sanctification.

Sermon Notes Notebook

Pastors, never has there been a more perfect gift to your congregation than to provide them a Sermon Notes Notebook, which will allow them to engage in your message more than ever! Encourage each congregant to use the format to keep sermon notes, so that they can follow-up and remember your sermon.

These notebooks are perfect for engaging in meaningful Bible studies following the Sunday morning sermon!

Church member, this Sermon Notes Notebook is for you!