"Let All The Peoples Praise You, O God!"

Psalm 67

The reason that we seek for God to "be gracious to us" and to "bless us" and to "make His face to shine upon" us, is so "that God's way might be known upon the earth, and His saving power among all the nations." The end result will be that all the people of the earth will Praise the name of the Lord our God!

One of the best ways to meet people, develop relationships, and grow as a follower of Christ is to serve the local church. Your involvement at Grace Community Baptist Church matters because it really makes a difference. Come make a difference with us today.
We want to be known for our generosity toward those in our local community. Through our partnerships with great local organizations and
non-profits, we provide opportunities to meet the real needs of our community as we serve together.
There is a need to serve the country in which we reside, and we take this with utmost seriousness. We must learn to take the Gospel to the world around us, and we must not neglect the U.S. in our effort to be mission-minded. We support national mission projects, non-profit organizations and other churches. Our focus is to support those who preach Sola Scriptura.
In addition to supporting partners that help nationally, we also partner with organizations like the Southern Baptist Convention that support the needs of the international community. We also support individual missionaries who are interested in church planting across the globe. We are a church that desire that the whole world would know the Lord our God.

Active Missions Pursuits

Grace Community Baptist Church is actively engaged with the following missions:

Resolved Ministries

This organization trains, equips and prepares young men and women through discipleship to grow in spiritual leadership to be Godly men, women, husbands, wives, fathers and mothers. This is done through expositional teaching, academia and athletics.

Cedars Church

Cedars Church is located in Beirut and is led by Pastor Lyall Armstrong. Pastor Lyall Armstrong is the founding elder of Cedars Church and its lead teaching elder.  He is a Baptist minister and professor of History at the American University of Beirut.

OKC Ambassadors

The OKC Ambassadors are a discipleship baseball organization that was originally designed for college level high school Juniors and Seniors. For 16 years we have played all across the U.S. and even internationally during our eight to ten week summer program. Recently, we have expanded our program offerings to include youth teams.

Spencer House

Boys' Home
Spencer House is operated by CommunityWorks, LLC, in partnership with Oklahoma Human Services to serve up to 12 boys, ages 9 to 14, in need of therapeutic treatment in a residential setting. Spencer House provides individual and group therapy with a focus on trauma-informed interventions. While Spencer House is considered a Level E group home, it provides a smaller family-like setting so the boys can enjoy an open outdoor space and outings that occur in the area. Community support is key in providing opportunities for each youth served to excel in developing life skills and academics, while forming life-long connections.