Weekly Announcements: March 13, 2020


Jump Start @ 8:15am

No donuts will be served for precautionary reasons

Sunday School @ 9:00am

There's a class for everyone!

Worship Service @ 10:00am

Message: Reaching the Lost
Text: 1 Peter 3:15
Guest Preacher: Zach Bowen

From Pastor Cole

Grace Family,

In a confusing time, let me encourage you to quiet your mind, shut your mouth and open your eyes and ears. What is God doing?

You know… God is not trying to make lemonade out of lemons right now. God is completely in control. God is Sovereign. And not only is God in control, as if you are saying, “I don’t need to worry, because God has a handle on the situation”… No! God is controlling the situation at hand. This thought is far beyond what our finite minds can comprehend, but it is true.

Here is my challenge to you: You can sit and scroll through Facebook, read articles, watch the news and listen to radio all you want and get worked up about all that is going on. This will cause your mind to worry. This is not a fruit of the Spirit. Your other option is this… ABIDE in the Word of God. Let your mind swim in the ocean of the Supremacy of Christ in His Word. Drown yourself in the majesty and the greatness of God! This will cause your mind to find peace.

This is not to say that we should be ignorant people to what is happening in our culture. Quite the opposite actually… we are demonstrating to the world that we truly will count everything as loss in comparison to Jesus Christ, who is the Lord of all.

Sunday morning we will have a good friend of mine, Zach Bowen, preach to us from 1 Peter 3:15. He is going to be continuing our series on March for Missions with a message titled: Reaching the Lost. I am pumped to have him with us on Sunday morning!

Sunday Morning Plans (regarding the coronavirus):
8:15am Jump Start -- Donuts will not be served for precautionary reasons
9:00am Sunday School -- Normal
10:00am Worship Service -- Normal
My advice is simply this... Be smart. Wash your hands. If you don't feel well, then don't come to church (which is our normal advice). If you have been somewhere in which you could have been exposed to the virus, then you could be a carrier, so please do not come to church. The CDC is recommending a 14 day self quarantine if you have been exposed. If you don't want to shake someone's hand, then a friendly wave or verbal greeting is always acceptable! 

God is in control. Times like this should drive us to Christ. When the media is causing the world to be out of control, we should find security in Christ. You can be a testimony of what it means to be a disciple of Christ by Abiding in His Word. Be a calming presence. Let the world look to you and see the peace the surpasses all understanding. As Pastor Don has preached for 16 years: "And it came to pass..." 1) It came to pass because it was planned before the foundation of the world, 2) It came to pass and it will be here and gone.

God's plan of redemption continues even though the world is in mass panic mode. God is on His Throne. Jesus Christ is Lord! And even if there are only five people who are able to come Sunday morning to worship, the name of the Lord will be praised.

If you cannot make it Sunday morning, please contact your assigned deacon or email me at Cole@gcbcokc.com.

Men's Prayer Breakfast TOMORROW @ 8:00AM
Men, please RSVP by this evening if you are coming to the Men's Prayer Breakfast. It is going to be an amazing time! We are having a special guest coming to share his testimony. YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS IT! Mike Holland is an extraordinary man of God and has an incredible story to share.

I love you and I am very thankful for our church!

With all love & sincerity,

Pastor Cole


Men, join us tomorrow at 8:00am as we meet together to study the Word of God, pray and hear from special guest Mike Holland.

RSVP to Pastor Cole before 8:00pm Friday.


Bro. Zach Bowen is going to be preaching to us from 1 Peter 3:15! You are going to love Zach and his family!



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