Thanksgiving 2022


2022 Thanksgiving Week

Christmas Sermon Series Schedule

Date: Sunday, November 27th
Sermon Title: "She Will Bear A Son"
Summary: A Study of the Doctrine of the Virgin Birth and its importance in the Christian faith and practice

Date: Sunday, December 4th
Sermon Title: "You Shall Call Him Jesus"
Summary: Defining the meaning of the name of Jesus and making a direct connection between His name and His purpose for coming to earth

Date: Sunday, December 11th
Sermon Title: "He Will Save"
Summary: The Prophecy that is foretold and foreshadowed

Date: Sunday, December 18th
Sermon Title: "He Will Save His People"
Summary: The Doctrine of Definite Atonement

Date: Sunday, December 25th
Sermon Title: "He Will Save His People From Their Sins"
Summary: We are saved by the Grace of God from the Wrath of God and for the Glory of God