Weekly Announcements: March 27, 2020


ONINE ONLY @ 10:00am

Grace Family,

I miss you. With all sincerity... I miss you. I miss being together. I miss seeing everyone. We are a family and I miss our family being together!  Whatever you do, STAY CONNECTED to the body. Reach out. Call. Text. Email. FaceTime. Zoom. Skype. Whatever you have to do... just please stay connected to the body.

Our service on Sunday morning will once again be ONLINE ONLY. I will have emails and push notifications (from the app) sent to your phone on Sunday morning with more information on how to be a part of the service online.

PLEASE JOIN THE 24-HOUR PRAYER CHAIN. All information is below. Bro. Rick Hughes felt led to start a 24-hour prayer chain that would focus our prayer on our church, families, nation, world and REVIVAL. You can read all about the plan in the Prayer Chain information section below. PLEASE be a part of this. Sign up by clicking the link given in the Prayer Chain information box.

If you have prayer needs, please contact your deacon and let them know. We need to be communicating with each other as much as possible about how we can be praying for one another. Please be intentional and authentic on this issue of prayer.

I wish we could be together Sunday... I am sad that we will not be. I hope to see you very very soon!!

With all love & sincerity,

Pastor Cole

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God has laid it on Bro. Rick Hughes' heart to start a 24-hour Prayer Chain inside of our church. We need to be prayer warriors in this time. Let me encourage you to be involved in this ministry! There is no more effective way to fight than through prayer.

The 24-Hour Prayer Chain Ministry Details
  • Dates & Times
    • Will begin Friday, March 27 @ midnight
    • Will end Saturday, April 11 @ midnight
  • Purpose
    • To pray for this current crisis, our church, our families, our nation, our world and REVIAL to strike in the hearts of United States of America.
  • How do I join?
    • Fill out the form below and select the hour that you would like to pray.
    • The hour you sign up for will be your hour of prayer every day until April 11.
  • What do I pray for?
    • Current COVID-19 Crisis
      • Pray for the health of those who are sick.
      • Pray for the families of those who have passed away due to this virus.
      • Pray for the protection of our church families.
      • Pray for our church families who are sick.
      • Pray for our elderly church family members.
      • Pray for our children's health.
    • Our Church
      • Pray for the unity of our church to grow closer together.
      • Pray for our love together to bond closer than ever before.
      • Pray for our desire to seek Christ individually and together.
      • Pray for our satisfaction to be found in Christ alone.
      • Pray for our spirits to be united together.
    • Our Families
      • Pray for the families of our church.
      • Pray for each family by name.
      • Pray that God would use this time of being quarantined together to bring them closer to each other and not further apart.
      • Pray that God would use the leader of the home to glorify Him in all that is said and done.
      • Pray that there would be protection in the home from this virus.
    • Our Nation
      • Pray for our President as he leads our country during this crisis.
      • Pray for our Vice President as he leads the crisis management team.
      • Pray for the doctors that are making decisions about the lives of those in our country.
      • Pray for the courage and strength to our nation's leaders.
    • Our World
      • Pray for our world leaders. 
      • Pray that there would be wisdom and discernment in taking the logical steps needed to get rid of this virus.
      • Pray that our world would be protected from more deaths.
      • Pray for our churches.
      • Pray that the Word of God would be proclaimed!
      • Pray that our nation would be driven to its knees to know its NEED of a Lord and Savior.
      • Pray that the churches who proclaim the ONE True Gospel would step up and HERALD that Jesus Christ is Lord of All.
      • Pray for the hearts of the individuals in this country to be open to hearing the Word of God proclaimed.
      • Pray for our church... that would be a lighthouse in this dark and confused world.
      • Pray for your pastor... that he would be given strength and courage to continue to Abide in the Word of God and proclaim the Word of God without restraint.
      • Pray for yourself... that you would be devoted to Abiding in Christ daily.

Click the link below to sign up

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