October 30, 2020 Weekly Announcements

Join Us Sunday!

8:30am.....Jump Start

Come early for donuts and coffee!

9:00am.....Sunday School

Get involved in a Sunday School Class!
There is a spot for everyone!

10:00am.....Worship Service

Devote yourself to Singing, Praying and
Studying the Word of God with us as we gather corporately!

This Week's Bulletin

From the Pastor

Grace Family,

It is November. I just cannot believe it. I was thinking about how quickly we have arrived to November in 2020, yet it seems like this single year has lasted at least a quarter of a century. But here we are... in November.

This teaches us a lesson... Don’t waste your life.
We have so many things going on in this busy life, that we neglect to be intentional with our time. We spend so much time doing things that do not matter, that we look back and realize that the time God has given us has not been used for His Glory. You have two months left in this year... don’t waste it.

Don’t count the days. Make every day count.

We have a lot of opportunities for you to be involved with your church body this month. Please look through the calendar and find ways to engage one another. We are to care for one another, so let’s do this with all love and devotion, with a heart of thanksgiving and gratefulness.

With all Love and Sincerity,
Pastor Cole

November 1 @ 5:00pm

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